Affected By Flooding Or Fire?

Are you one of the thousands affected by flooding, or has your property suffered a fire?

Damp Problems After Your Flood or Fire Insurance Settlement?

Are you having problems with damp after your property has been damaged by a fire or flood? If your property has cavity wall insulation installed, then this could be the cause of the recurring problems. Even if your insurer has settled your claim and carried out all necessary property repairs, they may not have taken the damaged cavity wall insulation into account, and so this can cause further problems within your home.

Your insurer was liable to replace this insulation at the time of the claim, and is STILL liable to replace this insurance AND make good all resulting damage. My Cavity Claim may be able to help you on this particular occasion, and this will not cost you any money, nor will it cost you any excess. We will provide you with a free survey and check your property AND reopen your claim free of charge.

Previously water damaged cavity wall insulation can still cause damp, mould and unpleasant smells if it was not dealt with properly, or if it was not removed by your insurer after the incident occurred. This can have an adverse effect on not only the state of your property, but also the health of your family. The value of your property may have also declined in the wake of the sustained damage! Does this sound familiar? If so, contact us.

We are experts in testing and establishing your risk of faulty cavity wall insulation. In the event of a problem, our promise to you is that if there is a responsible party for the error, we will endeavour to help you and aid your cost recovery and restore your property back to a safe condition. My Cavity Claim are here to identify if there is a party that is liable, to recover the costs on your behalf and to repair any damage that has been caused as a result.

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Still suffereng from damp problems after flooding

Locations Affected by Flooding

Has your property suffered from flood damage? More and more properties have been flooded in recent years, and if your property has cavity wall insulation, it is unlikely that this has been checked as part of any insurance claim. Despite this, it is highly important that the insulation does not go unchecked. The insulation may be retaining high levels of moisture, leading to potential damp problems long after the water has gone and the visible areas of your property have seemingly dried out.

This should have been dealt with at the time that the incident occurred. In these circumstances, the insulation will need to be removed to allow the walls to properly dry out, as well as to prevent the spread of damp or other problems within your property.

Properties Affected By Fire

If your property has suffered from a fire, problems may have been caused that affect your insulation. These problems include the insulation itself melting, that may affect its performance and create a further fire risk. The cavity wall insulation may have been affected by the heat, or may have been soaked due to the volume and pressure of water used by the fire brigade. In these circumstances, the insulation needs to be removed to prevent problems in the future. Unfortunately, this issue is frequently ignored at the time of the insurance claim and so often causes more severe problems to arise later on.

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