Cavity Wall Insulation Removal & Extraction

Can My Cavity Wall Insulation Be Removed?

The Removal of Cavity Wall Insulation

We know how distressing it can be to have your home damaged as a result of having cavity wall insulation installed. The good news is that, in most cases, cavity wall insulation can be removed. The ease of cavity wall insulation extraction depends upon the type of product used.

Typical cavity wall insulation removal involves the careful removal of bricks at key points in each elevation with a vacuum hose inserted to extract the insulation material. Alternatively, the initial drill holes made to install the cavity wall insulation are re-drilled and used to allow access for a hose, which will pump air into the cavity; this then forces the insulation material towards the vacuum hose, which will then suck it out. The extracted cavity wall insulation is bagged and removed for disposal using the extractor’s waste carrier’s licence.

The process tends to take about two days for a typical property and a borescope is usually used at the end of the process to provide assurance that the cavity is clear of all material.

Does your cavity wall insulation need removing?

Problems When Using Urea Formadehyde From The Early Days of Wall Insulation

The most challenging insulation material to remove is urea formaldehyde, which was used in the early days of cavity wall insulation. Injected as a foam, over a number of years, the foam begins to degrade and harden, leaving gaps that cause cold spots and damp and also the release of urea formaldehyde gas, which can be harmful to health.

For the removal of urea formadehyde, compressed air is used to break the foam down into smaller particles allowing it to be extracted. However, due to the level of air pressure and the dust like nature of the broken down foam without extensive preparations it is possible that the dust will be blown into the interior of the property through gaps around windows or into the loft space if the top of the cavity is open.

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