Coastal Properties

Is your property near the coast or in an exposed area?

Coastal Locations

Cavity walls were initially developed for properties in coastal areas, particularly in the West and South West of the UK. This was because these areas were subject to wind driven rain, which penetrates the walls of the property. The cavity was introduced to ensure that moisture being driven through the outer leaf would either drip down to the ground or would evaporate within the cavity, but would not reach the inner leaf and thus the house itself.

This made sure that the inside wall of the house remained dry.

Is your property exposed in a coastal area?

High Exposure Leads to a High Risk Of Damp!

However, if the cavity is breached by debris or by sand then this allows a bridge for moisture to travel to the inner wall. Wind driven rain can penetrate the outer wall and use the cavity wall insulation as such a bridge. For this reason, properties in these areas of “high exposure” suffer a much greater risk of damp following the installation of cavity wall insulation.

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