Jeff Howell of the Telegraph has often campaigned about the dangers of cavity wall insulation. In an editorial, he outlines why it is often ill suited for most cavity walls and what he has done to raise the issue to parliament.

More and more people are coming forward about their issues with cavity wall insulation damp.

He united three Telegraph readers, who formed the Cavity Wall Insulation Victims Alliance after their installations went wrong. They have since been unstinting in their attempts to make their voices heard about the dangers of cavity wall insulation. They have succeeded in gaining a parliamentary debate, secured by John Denham MP. We covered this in more depth in a previous article.

MPs described victim’s cases, with common features in each case. They all included the presence of cold-calling salesmen advertising cavity wall insulation, describing insulation as “Government-funded”, which was not the case. In fact, most operations were funded by the major energy suppliers, with fines applied to the installation companies if they did not meet insulation targets.

Another feature in common was the role of the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, which issues 25 year guarantees from CIGA. CIGA was set up by the insulation industry and claims to be an independent company. Denham pointed out that it was not independent from the industry as it is owned by directors who also own companies within the insulation industry.

Mr Denham concluded that CIGA co-operates with installers to hide evidence of failure and poor installation, as well as taking active steps to ensure that installers do not have to put things right.

Cavity wall insulation problems are not revealed when they are first installed, hence a recent surge in news stories regarding the problems. They are revealed after a few winters of wind driven rain, and by this point people may have forgotten that they had cavity wall insulation installed and thus not attribute the problem to this. Alternatively, some may not have seen a promised reduction in heating bills despite not seeing any visible problems.

It is important to report any problems you may be experiencing with retrofit CWI, as more and more people are coming forward.

The full story is available on the Telegraph.

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