Damaged Brickwork

Was your property in a suitable condition for cavity wall insulation to be fitted?

Is Your Brickwork Being Damaged By Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation should only be installed in properties where the exterior brickwork is in good condition. This means that the bricks should not have had frost damage, the pointing should be in good condition, and there should be no pre-existing damp problems. Similarly, if walls have been painted with paint that prevents moisture escaping back out of the brick, then cavity wall insulation should not be installed.

Problems can also be caused once cavity wall insulation has been installed due to the fact that the exterior leaf of the wall now becomes colder, as the insulation is keeping heat to the inside leaf of the wall. Any penetrating moisture in the external leaf can only evaporate back out to the outside, which means that the brick can take longer to dry out. This means that if there is frost, the wet brick can split. This can usually be seen through the front face of the brick breaking off as the water freezes in cold temperatures and expands.

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