Terence Breslin paid for the insulation to be installed, but it never was.

The Labour MP for Southampton John Denham has brought the issue of cavity wall insulation industry standards to parliament, making his concerns clear in a speech earlier this month. He brought up the following:

• Homeowners being wrongly advised to have insulation when it is unsuitable for their property
• Sales representatives giving misleading information regarding the funding of the work
• A failure by installers and the insulation industry body, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA), to respond to customer complaints.

Shortly after the speech delivered by John Denham MP, Terence Breslin approached the Mirror newspaper about his experience. He had checks carried out on the brickwork of his home after noticing cracks in the walls. These checks revealed that he had no cavity wall insulation, despite the fact that he had paid to have the insulation installed and had seen the work being done. It had either disappeared or never been done at all.

The firm he had paid to carry out the work had disappeared, so he contacted CIGA. He was brushed off and told to contact another company, though this had little to do with the failure to carry out the original work, refusing to take responsibility for the lack of work. Terence last heard from CIGA in August 2014 claiming that they were investigating, but nothing came of this.

Gerry Miller, chief executive of CIGA, issued an apology and promised that they were “reviewing how the breakdown in communication occurred”. He added, “We will arrange for an inspection and ensure that this is resolved immediately.”

John Denham emphasised that he would like the Department of Energy and Climate Change to carry out a full review of how the industry and CIGA operate and to establish an independent assessment of properties at least one or two years after insulation, in order to understand the true scale of damp caused by CWI.

Read more at Mirror.co.uk.

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