Due to the unexpected volume of claims we have been experiencing we have had no alternative but to have our computer systems upgraded, to enable us to categorise the claims into 4 sectors. We anticipate this will be completed on 26th June 2016.

All existing and new clients signed up before this date will be notified on the 26th june 2016 as to which category they will fall into. new clients after this date will be notified 45 days after submission of claims.

If any existing clients wish to withdraw from the contract before 26th June 2016 this will not affect your legal rights and the contract terms will be withdrawn.

We sincerely hope you decide to stay with us, as we feel we are best placed in this claim sector to ensure your potential property claim will be resolved depending on the category you fall into.

There are 4 categories of claims as such.

  1. Category 1 claims: 3 – 6 months handling period
  2. Category 2 claims: 6 – 12 months handling period
  3. Category 3 claims: 12 -18 months handling period
  4. Category 4 claims: 18+ Months

Please note: Claim applications are computer managed until categorized and this process takes approximately 45 days to complete following which you will firstly notified by email and then be contacted by a member of our team to begin the claim process.



Tony Mulligan

Managing Director




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