Are You a Landlord Or Letting Agent With Damp In Your Properties?

Are your tenants complaining about damp and you're not sure why?

Are You Receiving Complaints About Damp From Your Tenants?

Like many landlords and letting agents, you may be receiving an increased number of complaints from your tenants about damp in their property. Of course some of these will be down to the tenant’s lifestyle, as they may not be heating or ventilating the property adequately, which can lead to condensation on the exterior walls. However, many landlords and letting agents are discovering that it is the cavity wall insulation that is causing the problems, not their tenants.

The problems can be more serious for a landlord than a homeowner, as the tenant may not report the damp for some time. Alternatively, the tenants may contact the local Environmental Health Officer if they feel that they are unable to resolve the issue with their landlord. This can lead to enforcement action being taken against the landlord to have a damp proof course fitted, when it may not be the problem.

Are your tennents complaining?

Why Lose a Good Tenant Because Somebody Installed Cavity Wall Insulation Incorrectly?

Not only can a landlord have had their property damaged by cavity wall insulation, but they can also suffer a double whammy by having to pay for damage to the tenants’ belongings, and end up with an empty property that is difficult to let, possibly losing thousands in rent and repair costs. Even more seriously, we are experiencing many instances where properties have had cavity wall insulation installed without the landlord’s permission. There may have been a perfectly valid reason why the landlord did not want cavity insulation in a property, and it is for the landlord to make that decision, not a tenant or insulation company representative.

Have you checked your properties? You may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

If any of your properties have been insulated without your permission, contact us straight away.

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