Damage damp wall

A typical wall suffering from damp due to poorly installed cavity wall installation.

According to the South Wales Argus, Pauline Saunders has decided to take the fight for redress from wrongly installed cavity wall insulation to parliament, with the aim of making it easier for victims to claim redress for their damages.

Pauline Saunders, from Malpas, Cheshire, had insulation installed in her semi-detached home, built in 1964, after a salesman approached her regarding the matter. After having a damp free property for years, in 2014 she was stricken by damp. The wallpaper bubbled and wood panelling was mouldy. The hallway walls, landing and stairs area were all damp to the touch.

After this, she contacted Mark Group about the problem. The surveyor they sent who looked at her property blamed maintenance issues. Saunders then asked a Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) surveyor to inspect the property, with the knowledge that they offer 25-year guarantees for if the installation goes wrong. She specifically asked about rubble in the wall cavity, which bricklayers would toss there before building regulations became more stringent.

She insisted on the surveyor using a boroscope to inspect inside the cavity, but the surveyor told her that no debris was present. She knew that cavity wall insulation should not be carried out if there is debris within the cavity, and only realised that the debris was there when her husband removed a brick from the wall.

She did eventually receive £1,750 and the Mark Group removed the insulation, but she only received this after a report on the property was sent to her in error, stating: “The property was and is unsuitable for cavity wall insulation and should not have been insulated.”

MP John Denham raised her case in a debate in parliament, which Saunders watched. He said that without the report, she would not have received a payout, and those whose cavity wall insulation goes wrong can find it near impossible to gain effective redress.

The Chief Executive of CIGA, Gerry Miller, issued an apology and promised that more cases would be solved.

Read the full story on South Wales Argus.

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